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Victims of Nazi Persecution. Who Could Not Apply Under German Indemnification Laws Have Until Dec. 3

The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany announced that Jewish victims of Nazi persecution who were in no position to file claims under German indemnification Jaws may apply for a grant from a Hardship Fund established with German Federal Government appropriations.

According to the Guidelines issued by the German Government, grants will be made to such Jewish persecutees who suffered damage to their health and are in straightened financial circumstances. The Guidelines limit individual payments to DM 5,000 (five thousand) per person.

It is the intention of the German Government, within its budgetary limitation, to make available up to DM 400 million for this purpose in the coming years. The Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany will distribute the funds subject to the German Government Guidelines.

The Hardship Fund is intended primarily to handle applications from such Jewish victims of Nazi persecution who left Eastern Europe after 1965 when the deadline for filing claims under the German indemnification laws expired. Other persecutees who failed for very valid reasons to file timely indemnification claims in past year may also apply to the Hardship Fund.


Interested individuals should register by writing to

Conference on Jewish Material Claims

Against Germany

Gruneburgweg 119

6000 Frankfurt, Germany

no later than December 31, 1981. Applicants should state their full name, current address, date and place of birth and the date and country from which they emigrated.

Individuals residing in Israel may register by writing to:

Conference on Jewish Material. Claims

Against Germany

POB 29254

Tel Aviv, Israel