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Shamir Heartened by Reagan Administration’s Stand on Camp David, World Terrorism

Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir said yesterday that he was heartened by the Reagan Administration’s restatement of America’s committment to the Camp David accords and its tougher stance against international terrorism.

But he said in an Israel Radio interview that Israel continued to oppose moves such as that suggested by Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Charles Percy (R. III.) for stepped-up supplies of modern aircraft to Saudi Arabia. “If anybody seeks new reasons for our opposition, he can find it in the recent Moslem summit conference with its most extreme anti-Israel resolutions,” Shamir said.

He said that if West Germany were to supply modern Leopard II tanks to Saudi Arabia it would be a terrible blow to Israel-German relations. “It is unimaginable that German tanks should endanger the existence of the Jewish state. After all that happended during the World War and the Holocaust. I think that every German should understand and feel this.”