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Carrington: Mideast Peace Initiative Must Include PLO

British Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington said in a television interview that the European Economic Community’s (EEC) Middle East initiative is based on the Arab recognition of Israel’s right to exist within secure borders and “inexactly equal measure” Israel’s recognition of Palestinian rights.

Appearing on NBC’s “Today” program last Friday, Carrington stressed that any peace initiative in the Mideast must include the Palestine Liberation Organization. “The PLO does represent the Palestinians,” he asserted. “If you look at who represents the Palestinian people and try to find anybody but the PLO you will be absolutely unsuccessful. If you go to the West Bank, if you go anywhere, they are all people who belong to the PLO. Therefore, there’s no one else to talk to” but the PLO. Contending the EEC peace initiative does not undermine the U.S. peace efforts in the Mideast, Carrington claimed that the European initiative was based on the rights of both Israel and the Palestinians.