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Book Tracing Roots of Anti-semitism to Catholic and Protestant Theologians Has Become a Big Seller I

A book by a Protestant minister, which traces the roots of Nazi and post-war anti-Semitism to the doctrines of both Protestant and Roman Catholic theologians has become a big seller in Holland despite its price of 85 Guilders, nearly $40.

The scholarly work, by Rev, Hans Jansen, titled “Christian Theology About the Jews After Auschwitz,” sold out its first printing of 3,000 copies in a few weeks. A larger second printing is in preparation and translation into English is contemplated.

The author, who was originally Catholic, appeared on a 50-minute television panel show broadcast last Thursday night by the Roman Catholic Dutch Broadcasting Organization, KRO. Jansen was joined in a discussion of his book by Orthodox Rabbi Hans Rodrigues Pereira and Liberal Rabbi Avraham Soetendorp. The program was aired in connection with the official establishment last week of the Consultative Council of Jews and Christians (OJEC).