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W. German Lawyer Seeks Extradition of Alleged Munich Massacre Terrorists Reportedly Captured by Isra

A West German lawyer has asked the Justice Minister to seek the extradition of three Palestinian terrorists reportedly captured by Israeli forces in Lebanon recently. The three, believed to have participated in the 1972 massacre of Israeli Olympics athletes in Munich, would not be given a fair trial in Israel, according to attorney. Wilhelm Schoettler.

Schoettler represented the Palestinians when they were briefly imprisoned in Germany several years ago and claims to have power of attorney to act on their behalf. He said extradition was also justified by the fact that their alleged crimes were committed on German soil.

Schoettler is known here for his rightwing political views. But he insisted he is not a member of the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party or of any neo-Nazi group. He said that if extradition fails, he would go to Jerusalem to defend the Palestinians if they are tried before an Israeli court. But he admitted that the only knowledge he had of their capture came from reports published in the German press.