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Special Session and Conference on Palestine to Be Held by the UN

The World Jewish Congress reported today that the United Nations will hold an “International Conference on the question of Palestine” in Paris during 1983 and that an emergency special session of the General Assembly on Palestine will be resumed next week in New York.

According to the UN office of the WJC, the Palestine Rights Committee of the General Assembly has recommended that the projected International Conference be held for two weeks in July or August 1983. It was further recommended that Paris be the venue.

The Conference on Palestine had originally been proposed by the General Assembly at its last session. Under terms of a resolution it adopted at that session, the Assembly decided to convene a Conference on Palestine no later than 1984, and authorized the Palestine Committee to serve as a preparatory body. The Palestine Committee, comprised overwhelmingly of states that have no diplomatic relations with Israel, has been repeatedly denounced by Israel representatives as a tool of the PLO.

In another development, the WJC reported that the “emergency special session of the General Assembly on the question of Palestine” is to be resumed on August 16. The session was first convened in July 1980, resumed in February of this year, and again in April. The latest resumption follows a formal request made on behalf of the nonaligned bloc at the UN.