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Doctors Report on Argov’s Condition

Doctors treating Ambassador Shlomo Argov said today he is suffering a total paralysis of his hands and legs, an impairment of one of his lungs, slight difficulties in sight, and his powers of concentration and memory are impaired. Argov, Israel’s Ambassador to Britain, was shot in London June 4. The terrorist attempt on his life precipitated the “Peace for Galilee” operation

Doctors Aharon Beler and Alexander Magore said all the afflictions were the result of brain damage suffered during the attempt on Argov’s life. However, the doctors said the envoy’s intellectual capacities have improved remarkably. Argov was able to hold conversations for about 15 to 20 minutes at a time, they said. He is undergoing rehabilitation through physiotherapy and drug therapy and there is no longer any danger to his life, the doctors reported.