Soviet Jewish Activist Arrested
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Soviet Jewish Activist Arrested

Feliks Kochubievsky, of Novosibirsk, a veteran emigration activist, was arrested September 12 and charged with “circulation of fabrications known to be false which defame the Soviet state and social system,” it was reported here. Under Soviet law, he faces a maximum penalty of three years imprisonment or “internal exile.”

The 52-year-old engineer, a recipient of the Soviet Order of Merit for Patriotic Work, and his wife, Valentino, have been the constant target of KGB harassment since they applied for emigration to Israel in May 1978. Kochubievsky has been accused of “counter-revolutionary activities” for his writings which Soviet authorities claim contain material which slanders the Soviet Union. He was first warned about these writings last March and told that if he continued it could provoke a harsh reaction in the future.

There will be no Daily News Bulletins dated September 27 and 28, Yom Kippur.

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