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The oil rich Arab states officially boycott Israel and call on Western states to follow suit. But affluent Arabs are not averse to buying goodies from Jewish merchants when the urge seizes them. Thus, Arab sheikhs who cavorted here this summer dropped a royal bundle, a great part of which wound up in Jewish or Israeli-owned shops. Their favorite jeweller was Golay’s. Fur coots were purchased at Tiger Royal, owned by the Rebbi brothers, one of whom is married to an Israeli. Clothes were bought at the Anita Smaga Boutique or at the Bon Genie. Medicines were gotten at La Pharmacie Principals. Cigars came from Davidoff’s One of their very favorite stores for antique jewelry is Aviva’s, whose owner is an Israeli. There is of course, the possibility that the Arabs were not aware that these stores were owned by Jews or Israelis, but then.