Nudel Allowed to Settle in Moldavia
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Nudel Allowed to Settle in Moldavia

Former Prisoner of Conscience Ida Nudel, who was refused her right to return to her home in Moscow upon completion of her sentence of Siberian banishment and had tendered from city to city, has finally received permission to settle near Kishinev, the capital of the Moldavian republic, according to the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry (SSSJ) and Union of Councils for Soviet Jews (UCSJ).

The two groups also reported that two hunger strikers have ended their fasts, each after 40 days, but without receiving exit visas. They are Moscow refusenik international Grand Master Boris Gulko, the Soviet Union’s former national chess champion, and Khprkoy activist Yuri Tarnopolsky. Gulko’s chess colleague and former Moscow champion, Dr. Anatoly Volovich, continues his hunger strike for emigration.

Meanwhile, Jewish cultural activist Boris Chernobilsky has been permitted to return to his home in Moscow after completing a one-year prison term. He had been arrested at an unofficial Jewish commemoration in the Moscow woods, the SSSJ and UCSJ reported.

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