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Cjc Urges Progressive Conservative Party to Reconsider Inviting Neo-nazi to Its National Convention

The Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) expressed dismay to the Progressive Conservative Party today that a person associated with a neo-Nazi organization will be a delegate at its forthcoming convention in Winnipeg.

In a telegram sent to the party on the eve of the convention, CJC executive vice president Alan Rose noted that Ann Ladas will be an accredited delegate from the Beaches-Woodbine Riding. He observed that Ladas, 27, is executive officer of the Nationalist Party of Canada, formerly known as “Western Guard,” an avowed neo-Nazi party notorious for its racist views.

Although Ladas states that she resigned from the latter organization six months ago, its bulletin of December 1982 congratulates her on the good showing she made for them in a Board of Education contest during the Toronto municipal elections last November, Rose pointed out.

“The Canadian Jewish Congress is dismayed that Ladas will be a delegate” Rose’s telegram said, “in view of her history of incitement to racism and bigotry when drawn to the attention of party leadership. Our belief is that it is totally improper that someone advancing such views be present as a delegate at the PC convention. Your party has a long and honorable record in opposition to all forms of racism and it is unfortunate that the Riding Association did not recognize her as an unsuitable representative.”

Rose expressed hope that “The PC party with its fine record respecting individual dignity and liberty will see fit to reject her.”