7 Israeli Soldiers Wounded in Ambush
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7 Israeli Soldiers Wounded in Ambush

Seven Israeli soldiers were wounded, two seriously, when their patrol was ambushed last night in the Kfar Ein Anub area near east Beirut. Two unidentified Lebanese were killed by Israeli soldiers when their car tried to crash a roadblock set up in the vicinity while a search was conducted for the attackers of the patrol.

A military spokesman said the army has appointed a commission to inquire into the shooting incident at the roadblock.

An Israel army position on the Jebel Barukh in the Shouf mountains came under fire but there were no casualties, a military spokesman reported today. It was the first time in several weeks that fire was opened on Israelis from the direction of Syrian positions in eastern Lebanon. The army is trying to determine whether the fire came from Syrian units or from terrorist groups operating in the area.

Meanwhile, shellfire, gun battles and street killings in Lebanon today brought the death toll to more than 20 on the fifth successive day of violence. The latest deaths came as President Amin Gemayel left the country on his way to Washington for talks with President Reagan and other Administration officials. The fighting has involved Phalangists, Druze and Shi’ite Moslems.