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Saudi Arabia and Iran Attack ‘zionist Connections’ of Newly Appointed Head of the Bbc

Saudi Arabia and lran have sharply attacked the appointment of Stuart Young, former chairman of the policy planning group of the World Jewish Congress research institute, to head the British Broadcasting Company, it was reported here today by the WJCongress.

Riyadh Radio critically reported the decision of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher appointing “a Jewish businessman and a supporter of the Israeli enemy as chairman of the Board of Governors of the BBC.” Teheran Radio noted the appointment of the “49-year-old Zionist” was part of the BBC’s “hostile attitude toward the Islamic Republic of lran.”

Young headed the policy planning group of the Institute of Jewish Affairs, the London-based WJCongress research arm, when he was tapped by Mrs. Thatcher for the sensitive BBC post. He resigned from the Institute in the wake of his appointment.

The Iranian media coupled its attack on Young with a general tirade against the “satanic and anti-Islamic character” of the BBC which along with other “lie-spinning propaganda media” are controlled by “international Zionism.” It charged that “the new chairman of the Board of Governors of the lie-spreading BBC” had stated “he was a staunch supporter of Israel and in so saying he expressed his open and clear backing for the Zionist criminals ruling in Quds (Jerusalem).”

Teheran Radio added: “In light of these remarks, which indicate the depth of dependence of the BBC on international Zionism, we do not expect from them anything except hostility, rancor and prejudice toward the revolution and the Islamic Republic.”