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Egyptian Foreign Minister Says USSR Should Participate in an Overall Settlement of Arab-israeli Conf

Foreign Minister Kamal Hassan Ali of Egypt has told the West German publication Die Welt that “sooner or later” the Soviet Union should participate in an overall settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

In an interview conducted in Cairo, Ali observed that the shipment by the Soviet Union of its SS-21 missiles to Syria will give that Arab country a stronger position in future Mideast arrangements. He added: “This will lead to a Soviet participation, too.”

But according to Ali, the West should demonstrate resolve in trying to find a solution to the conflict on its own and only then invite the Soviets to make their contribution. This contribution would be, he added, in the form of guarantees that the Soviets would share with the Americans.

The Egyptian minister said that Cairo will not return its Ambassador to Tel Aviv before Israel completed its evacuation of Lebanese territory. He said that Syria also should leave Lebanon, but the Israelis must leave before.