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5 Booby-trapped Hand Grenades Found Near Arab, Christian Religious Sites

An Israel army series 26 grenade exploded on Saladin Street, East Jerusalem’s main shopping center last night, causing no casualties or damage. But the incident served to intensify an ongoing police investigation prompted by the discovery of five booby-trapped hand grenades near Arab and Christian religious institutions over the weekend.

The grenades were found on Mt. Zion, Beit Tzfafa and on Saladin Street. Another was found in the Jewish quarter. An anonymous telephone caller, claiming to be a spokesman for an organization called “Terror Against Terror,” told the Army Radio station Friday that his group was responsible for the grenades on Mt. Zion and Beit Tzfafa.

Late last night, a shop was set afire in the Christian quarter of the city. Police admit they are in the dark as to the perpetrators. One guess is that Jewish extremists are responsible, but Arab provocation is not ruled out. All of the grenades are of the type issued by the Israel army.