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Dutch High Court Drops Complaints Against Firms Thought Complying with Arab Boycott

The Netherlands Supreme Court has dismissed complaints against three of four Dutch firms for allegedly cooperating with Saudi Arabia in barring Jewish employes from working in that country. The complaint against the fourth firm was referred back to a lower court on a technicality.

The complaints were initiated by the Center for Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI) which said it was satisfied with the decision. This was apparently becuase the high court affirmed that the Dutch Penal Code holds racial discrimination to be a punishable offense and discrimination on religious grounds comes under the same heading.

The complaints alleged that the four firms attested that employes slated to work on projects in Saudi Arabia were not Jewish, constituting discrimination against Dutch Jews by Dutch companies operating in Arab countries. The Supreme Court ruled, in three of the cases, that the firms had merely acted as “postmen” by passing on the Saudi Embassy’s visa application ##