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Neo-nazi Propaganda Campaign in Germany Draws Wave of Criticism

A propaganda campaign launched by a neo-Nazi group in the town of Kassel has drawn a wave of protests and may end up in proceedings against two local newspapers which printed advertisements of a so-called “National Front” calling for the expulsion of foreigners from this country.

According to press reports, Kassel has been lately the scene of a major effort of a group which advocates “direct action” to clear the country of “Jews, Turks and American occupation forces.” In pamphlets circulating in the town in large numbers, people were told that “Zionists are the real brains behind” the alleged growing phenomenon of Germany being “infiltrated by foreign elements.”

According to police, the campaign has been launched by a 32-year-old neo-Nazi who spent two years in prison for offences concerning his anti-Semitic activities. They wouldn’t name the man.