Israel Jets Bomb Terrorist H.q.
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Israel Jets Bomb Terrorist H.q.

Israeli military aircraft last night carried out a bombing raid on a three-story building outside Bhamdoun in central Lebanon near the main Beirut-Damascus Highway that is said to have been the regional headquarters of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, headed by Nayef Hawatmeh. All Israeli planes returned safely, an army spokesman said.

However, the Abu Mussa group announced in Beirut that it was the unit which had been hit in the building and that the officer commanding its artillery, code named Abu Hassan, had been killed and three other soldiers were wounded when a missile hit an ammunition dump. Beirut radio said extensive damage had been done.

Meanwhile, in south Lebanon, an Israel Defense Force armored column patrolled north of the Awali River today, to the Kharoub region south of Beirut where heavy fighting has been going on between Druze and Christian forces. The IDF patrols are reportedly aimed at lessening the fighting and ascertaining that terrorists are not massing in the region.

An IDF soldier was slightly wounded today when a roadside charge was exploded as an IDF patrol passed by some five kilometers south of Ansariya village. Today’s incident followed a warning issued yesterday by Lebanon Shiite leader Nabih Berri that Lebanese youth were being trained for suicide attacks against Israeli forces in south Lebanon.