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Palestinian and Lebanese Arabs Expelled from Sweden Flocking to West Berlin from East Berlin

A spokesman for the West Berlin municipality has expressed grave concern over the recent influx from East Berlin of Palestinian and Lebanese Arabs expelled from Sweden last week. He said West Berlin could not tolerate a situation in which persons who do not qualify for the status of political refugees nevertheless enter the city and settle there.

The expellees landed at East Berlin’s Schoenefeld Airport and entered the West by using public transportation between the two sections of the divided city. There is no passport control on the west side of the Berlin wall and anyone allowed to leave by the East Berlin authorities can do so without being questioned.

The West Berlin municipality is disturbed because the Arabs are without means of support. They are expected to apply for material benefits such as free food and housing which is provided to persons requesting asylum. The process sometimes takes years during which the applicants are fed and housed by the municipality.

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