U.S. Delegation to Women’s Conference Reverses an Earlier Policy Decision
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U.S. Delegation to Women’s Conference Reverses an Earlier Policy Decision

The United Nations Decade for Women Conference in Nairobi has reportedly reversed itself from an earlier policy decision to not single out for special attention the issue of Palestinian women’s rights.

According to reports from Nairobi, the U.S. delegation, led by Maureen Reagan, President Reagan’s daughter, has now indicated a willingness to consider the issues of Palestinian rights despite the many problematic situations women face in other parts of the world.

The reversal drew a sharp rebuke today from Philip Lax, chairman of the International Council of B’nai B’rith, who charged politicization “could divert the proceedings from the vitally important and pressing issues facing women around the world.”

“This is a regrettable reversal of the policy that the United States took prior to the Nairobi Conference, ” Lax said. “That is, to strenuously resist politicization and prevent the end of the women’s decade conference from being wrecked on the rocks of self serving and cynical political goals.”

The U.S., Lax continued, “has stood alone on matters of truth and consequence, despite pressure to do otherwise. We are sorry that this is apparently not the case in Nairobi.” The conference, which began last Monday, continues through July 26.

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