Memorial to Challenger Astronauts to Be Established in Jerusalem
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Memorial to Challenger Astronauts to Be Established in Jerusalem

A memorial will be established in honor of Judith Resnick and her fellow Challenger astronauts at the Beit Halochem Center in Jerusalem, it was announced by Ernest Zelig, president of the Bnai Zion Foundation.

The memorial will consist of a physiotherapy room that will become an integral part of the rehabilitation complex. Beit Halochem Centers provide comprehensive services to over 35,000 disabled Israeli war veterans.

“An Ad Hoc Committee of prominent Americans is being formed to implement the establishment of the memorial,” Zelig stated. “Bnai Zion believes that the efforts of the disabled to rise above their physical limitations to lead, once more, as normal a life as possible, should serve as a fitting memorial to the spirit of the heroic astronauts.”

Leonard Bernstein, who serves as president of the American Friends of Beit Halochem, Hal Linden, honorary chairman, Dr. Erika Freeman-Padan, Al Schwimmer, Shelley Winters and Peter Straus are among the first members to join the Ad Hoc Memorial Committee.

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