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Israel Starts Diplomatic Campaign to Forestall Meeting Between Dutch Foreign Ministerand Arafat

Israel has launched a strong diplomatic campaign to forestall a possible meeting between Dutch Foreign Minister Hans Van Den Broek, currently chairman of the European Economic Community’s (EEC) Council of Ministers, and Palestine Liberation Organization chief Yasir

The envoys of the 12 EEC member nations were summoned to the Foreign Ministry Wednesday where they were briefed by Yeshayahu Anug, Deputy Director General of the Ministry, who warned of the dangers of such a meeting.

Anug pointed out that the PLO has consistently torpedoed every move toward peace negotiations in the region and, more than any other organization, is engaged in world-wide terrorism.

Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir delivered the same message Tuesday to the visiting President of West Germany’s Bundestag, Philipp Jenninger. He warned that a meeting between Arafat and the EEC’s chairman would deal