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Knesset Unit Plans to Ask Greece and Yugoslavia for Material Relating to Waldheim’swar-time Activiti

The Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Security Committee plans to ask the parliaments of Greece and Yugoslavia for any material they may have relating to the war time activities of Austrian Presidential candidate Kurt Waldheim. The committee also has appealed to

Waldheim, who served as United Nations Secretary General from 1972-1981, has been accused of participation in atrocities against Yugoslav partisans and the deportation of Greek Jews when he served as a Wehrmacht

Documentation from many sources appear to uphold the charges — vehemently denied by Waldheim — but Israel believes the key to exposing his alleged Nazi past can be found in the countries where the specific war

Jewish organizations, led by the World Jewish Congress, have unearthed documents indicating that Waldheim lied about his war-time activities. Some Jewish leaders have stated flatly that he is a war criminal. This has infuriated the Austrians, who accuse