Jordan Boycotts Arab Newspapers in the Administered Territories
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Jordan Boycotts Arab Newspapers in the Administered Territories

Jordan boycotts most of the Arab newspapers in the administered territories and does not even allow quoting them in the Jordanian press, the East Jerusalem daily Al-Fair reported.

According to the newspaper, the ban has been in effect by a directive of Mohammad Al-Hatib, Jordan’s Minister of Information. The move has been seen here as a reaction to the negative approach taken by the local papers to the departure of Jordan from its cooperation with the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Most local Arab newspapers support the PLO, and even such pro-Jordanian papers such as Al-Kuds have turned toward stronger support of the PLO. The editors of Al-Kuds and Al-Biader A-Siasi confirmed that the Jordanians banned their newspapers’ entrance to the kingdom.

Jacque Hazmo, the editor of Al-Biader, a political weekly, said the significance of the move is that from now on the Jordanians will derive their information on events in the administered territories mostly from Israeli sources.