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Bombing Tragedy Averted

Israeli security forces detonated an explosive charge Tuesday outside a building owned by former Gaza Mayor Rashid A-Shawa. However, an explosion triggered by sappers as they were defusing the charge damaged the building which housed a car inspection center.

A-Shawa, who was deposed by Israel in 1982, recently met with Premier Shimon Peres to discuss the situation in the administered territories. During a recent visit to Amman he praised Jordan and denounced the PLO for having misled the Palestinian people and said the time had come to consider other options.

After his trip to Jordan, A-Shawa met in Gaza with Shmuel Goren, the coordinator of government affairs in the administered territories, and briefed him on his visit to Amman.

About two weeks ago, an unidentified person tried to start a fire at a warehouse also owned by the Shawa family. Leaflets distributed throughout the territories threatened his life.