Flerov Family Due in Vienna Monday
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Flerov Family Due in Vienna Monday

Inessa Flerova and her family will be arriving in Vienna Monday and be in Israel Tuesday, it was reported Thursday by Lynn Singer, director of the Long Island Committee for Soviet Jewry. Singer said she received this information from Inessa’s brother, Michael Shirman in Rehovot, Israel. Shirman, a leukemia victim, awaits the possibility of a bone-marrow transplant from his sister.

Singer said she will be in Vienna to greet the Flerov family as part of a delegation of Soviet Jewry activists who will be in the Austrian capital for the opening of the Helsinki Accords review conference.

“Until we physically greet them (the Flerov family) in Vienna, we cannot celebrate,” Singer said. “We have to accept the Soviets’ word up to this point, that the Flerov family could leave ‘immediately’ as of last Friday (October 24), will be 10 days later.” Singer said Shirman repeatedly told his sister not to separate herself from her husband, Viktor, and their two daughters to come ahead of them.

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