Alarming Rate of Yerida Reported
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Alarming Rate of Yerida Reported

The Absorption Ministry released figures Monday indicating that 19 percent of Israelis in the 18-29 age group are likely to emigrate. The tendency toward yerida dropped to nine percent in the 30-49 age group, but overall the propensity of Israelis to leave the country is alarming.

Yossi Kochik, who heads the Ministry’s department for the prevention of yerida, said he is initiating a new project to encourage yordim — Israelis living permanently abroad — to return home in time for Israel’s 40th anniversary celebrations in 1988, He said the project would focus on finding them appropriate jobs.

A recent survey indicated that 92 percent of the public believes yerida is harmful. About 34 percent thinks the main reason for it is employment problems; 16 percent said the cause was unsatisfactory living standards; 14 percent blamed the security situation; and 11 percent attributed yerida to the waning of the Jewish-Zionist identity of Israel.

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