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Most Israelis Feel Israel Should Demand the Extradition of All Suspected Nazi War Criminals

Nearly two-thirds of Israelis believe Israel should demand the extradition of all suspected Nazi war criminals, according to an opinion poll by the Modi’in Ezrachi organization published in Maariv Monday.

The poll, taken among 1,236 adults, posed the question should Israel demand the extradition of war criminals of the rank of John Demjanjuk, the alleged Treblinka death camp guard currently on trial in Jerusalem. A majority of 64.9 percent believed that any war criminal about whom there is information to generate suspicion should be extradited to Israel.

Among the other respondents, 21.8 percent thought that only war criminals whose identity has been established beyond doubt should be subject to extradition; 8.1 percent believed Israel should not ask for the extradition of suspects of Demjanjuk’s rank; and 5.2 percent had no opinion.