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Israel Condemned at UN Conference

A Cuban-inspired resolution condemning Israel for hampering the industrial development in the administered territories was adopted here on the conclusion of a four-week session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The resolution, roundly condemned by the U.S. which voted against it along with Israel, was approved by delegations of 77 developing nations.

Thirty-two countries, including all the European, abstained. The resolution also called for establishing an independent Palestinian organization to handle the marketing and distribution of Palestinian products, which are now handled by the Israelis.

Dennis Goodman, who headed the U.S. delegation, said the adoption of the resolution showed that UNCTAD has lost its credibility and that its future is not certain. Pinchas Eliav, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, condemned the Arab states for habitually and routinely including an anti-Israel resolution in every UN conference. He also noted that Arab commerce in the territories had in fact improved and grown extensively in recent years.