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$2.3 Million Paid in Damages

The costs of compensation for damage due to the Palestinian uprising have emptied the coffers of the Israeli Finance Ministry’s compensation fund.

The ministry reports that since the so-called “intifada” began last Dec. 9, a total of about $2.3 million has been paid to citizens whose property was damaged as a result of the disturbances in the Israeli-administered territories.

Damages calculated in this figure includes those caused by rocks thrown at automobiles, homes or businesses and acts of arson.

In the last three months alone, the cost of reimbursing Israelis for intifada-caused damage has been $1.66 million.

These new financial drains only add to other financial losses incurred because of the uprising, including diminished income from tourism, export and other costs.

The compensation is paid out in accordance with the law pertaining to the victims of hostile activities.