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Two Former Kkk Members Sentenced in Calgary on Conspiracy Charges

Two men from Calgary, Alberta, were sentenced to five years in prison Tuesday for conspiring to blow up the Jewish community center there and murder a prominent Jewish businessman.

The defendants, Roger Hamilton, 19, and Timothy Heggen, 30, are former members of a local Ku Klux Klan group.

But the alleged mastermind of the plot, former Alberta KKK leader Tearlach Mac a’Phearsion, was not charged because he was the police informant.

The accused pleaded guilty to a single charge of conspiracy involving a plan last June to bomb the Jewish Center in Calgary, and a residence they mistakenly took to be the home of Harold Milavsky, chairman of Trizec, a real estate company.

Hal Joffe, president of the Calgary Jewish Community Council, praised the way the police handled the case.