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Two Gunmen Killed in Lebanon

Two unidentified gunmen were killed by Israeli troops Friday in a clash north of the Israeli-controlled security zone in southern Lebanon.

Israel Defense Force soldiers looking for terrorists encountered the fighters north of the Lebanese village of Shihin, which lies in the western sector of the zone, according to an IDF spokesperson.

Although it is not yet clear to which organization the men belonged, army sources said it was clear that they were armed and on their way southward toward the security zone.

During the past three months, units of the IDF and its allied South Lebanon Army have killed 31 armed fighters belonging to various terrorist organizations. In addition, two fighters have been captured alive during this period.

Most of those killed have been Palestinians attempting to infiltrate and carry out attacks in the security zone or northern Israel. IDF commanders say that Palestinians have recently been staging a major buildup of fighters north of the security zone.