Knesset Won’t Discipline Ze’evi
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Knesset Won’t Discipline Ze’evi

The Knesset House Committee decided Monday not to discipline Knesset member Rehavam Ze’evi of the far rightwing party Moledet for a racist remark he is alleged to have made during a stormy session of the parliament on Oct. 24.

The committee rejected a complaint by Yossi Sarid of the leftist Citizens Rights Movement to punish Ze’evi for saying in the chamber that one Jewish life is worth 1,000 Arab lives.

Ze’evi, who heads Moledet’s two-member Knesset faction, said, “For every Jew, 1,000 Arabs should pay.”

He later claimed that what he meant was that many Arabs should pay for every Jew hurt in the Palestinian uprising. The committee accepted his explanation.