Swissair May Train Libyan Pilots
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Swissair May Train Libyan Pilots

Swissair, the Swiss national airline, says it got the green light from the United States and Britain to train six Libyan pilots to fly the Airbus A-310, an aircraft whose sale to Libya is banned by an international embargo.

The Swiss authorities are furious, the newspaper La Suisse reported, because the airline did not apply for permission either to the Swiss government or civil aviation authorities here.

The Swiss government says it is disturbed, because the training could have a military application.

The Libyans acquired two A-310s from Caledonian Airlines, a private British company.

The embargo, imposed because of Libya’s alleged involvement with terrorists, was circumvented with the help of French interests.

A Swissair spokesman said his company instructs pilots from all over the world and does not understand why it needs permission.