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New Evidence Against Demjanjuk

The state prosecutor weighed in Wednesday with new evidence purportedly proving that Ukrainian-born John Demjanjuk was indeed the mass murderer and Treblinka death camp guard known to inmates as “Ivan the Terrible.”

The evidence, much of it culled from the archives of the former Soviet Union, was offered to refute the defense contention that the 71-year-old former automobile worker from Cleveland was a victim of mistaken identity.

Prosecutor Michael Shaked produced a list of Flossenburg concentration camp guards with Demjanjuk’s name on it and a serial number–1393– corresponding to one on an identity card from Soviet archives that the defense contends is a KGB forgery.

Sheftel charged last month that the Israeli authorities and the U.S. Department of Justice conspired to suppress evidence that Demjanjuk and “Ivan” were not the same person.