Police Hold Arab for Knifing Jew
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Police Hold Arab for Knifing Jew

Israeli police have detained an Arab laborer on suspicion of knifing a Jewish carpenter at a construction site in Holon, south of Tel Aviv, early this week.

Danny Partosh, 27, was reported out of danger after being attacked from behind Sunday and slashed in the throat and scalp.

Authorities are still searching for the man who murdered a Shin Bet agent in a Jerusalem apartment the same day.

Security forces said they have arrested members of the family and several friends of the man who killed Haim Nahmani, 25, at a “safe house” in the Rehavia quarter on Sunday afternoon.

They said it was “only a matter of time” before they captured the man, a known Arab informant who met with Nahmani in the apartment and stabbed and bludgeoned him to death before getting away, perhaps in the company of an accomplice.

Police say the man responsible for the murder was a collaborator who had been supplying information about the Islamic fundamentalist Hamas organization.