Holy Humongous Hamantash, Hadassah!
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Holy Humongous Hamantash, Hadassah!

The Guiness Book of World Records has made it official.

Seventeen students at the Hadassah Hotel Management College in Jerusalem have baked the world’s largest hamantash.

Actually, they put together 1,800 small hamantashen and cemented them together with a sugar, jam and crumb paste.

The triangular cookie weighed 550 pounds and included 198 pounds of flour, 350 eggs, 17.6 pounds of poppy seed, 50.6 pounds of margarine. It was 4.5 feet long per side and 3.5 feet high.

The hamantash was split in two, with half going to the children at Hadassah Children’s Pavilion on Mount Scopus, and the rest given to Ethiopian emigre students at a Hadassah preparatory course in Jerusalem.

Lawyers from the Guiness Book of World Records approved it as an entry for next year’s edition.

The problem was not so much how to assemble it, but how to get it out the door, said Wendy Hirschhorn, Hadassah spokeswoman in New York.