Appeal in Australia: Denier of Holocaust Still Wants Visa
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Appeal in Australia: Denier of Holocaust Still Wants Visa

An appeal is under way here to reverse a decision banning British writer and Holocaust denier David Irving from the country.

The appeal involves a May 1994 decision made by Nick Bolkus, a senator and federal minister for immigration, not to approve a visa for Irving. Bolkus’ decision reaffirmed a 1993 decision by then-Immigration Minister Gerry Hand.

In a federal court last week, the prosecution said Irving had been refused a visa to Australia because he was considered a liar, unreliable and a threat to the national security of another country, rather than because of the views he espouses in his lectures.

“The deportation order was in fact a culmination of a series of events indicative of Mr. Irving’s bad character,” said Stephen Owen-Conway, representing the government. He was referring to Irving’s deportation from Canada, expulsion from Germany and lying to British and Canadian authorities.

Irving, whose books are available in Australia, has said the facts of the Nazi Holocaust are myths created by the Diaspora and the State of Israel for propaganda purposes.

The Australian Jewish community has strongly protested Irving’s entry into the country.