Court: Why No Shin Bet Prosecution?
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Court: Why No Shin Bet Prosecution?

Israel’s Supreme Court has ordered authorities to explain why two Shin bet interrogators who shook a detainee to death were not prosecuted.

Abdel-Samad Harizat, 29, died after an April interrogation by the Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic intelligence service.

A pathologist who attended his autopsy said he had suffered fatal injuries from being violently intelligence service.

After a petition from a group called the Committee Against Torture, the court gave Attorney General Michael Ben-Yair 45 days to explain why the interrogators and their superior were not prosecuted in a criminal court for Harizat’s death.

The two interrogators were censured in an internal disciplinary hearing.

Harizat, reportedly a member of the Islamic fundamentalist Hamas movement, had been questioned in connection to a series of bomb attacks against Israel.

The interrogators have violently shaken Harizat under a special permit allowing the Shin Bet to use harsher methods in questioning suspected Islamic militants.