Jewish School Opposed in Belarus
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Jewish School Opposed in Belarus

A group of teen-agers have protested the presence of a Jewish Sunday school in a Belarussian town near the capital of Minsk.

The demonstrators at the recent rally in Borisov — most of whom were high school students — attempted to prevent the Jewish students from attending classes.

Some of the protesters held banners reading “No to a Jewish School” and “Stop Jude.”

Police were called in to halt the demonstration.

The Jewish school, which rents classroom space, has 30 students aged 5 to 13 and is sponsored by the Israeli Embassy in Minsk.

Protesters reportedly told police they were members of an ultranationalist group called White Power that “fights for the purity of the Belarussian people.”

The former Soviet republic of Belarus has a Jewish population of about 100,000.