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The Guest List: Conference on the Jewish Future




Below is a list of participants in the Conference on the Future of the Jewish People, held in Jerusalem July 10-July 12.


From the United States:

Mark Charendoff (president, Jewish Funders Network)

Lester Crown (chairman, Henry Crown and Company)

Maxyne Finkelstein (chief executive office, Jewish Agency for Israel/North America)

Wayne L. Firestone (international president, Hillel)

Rachel Fish (student activist)

John R. Fishel (executive vice president, Jewish Federation of Greater L.A.)

Abraham Foxman (national director, Anti-Defamation League)

Howard Friedman (president, AIPAC)

Misha Galperin (executive vice president, Jewish Federation of Greater Washington)

J.J. Goldberg (editor in chief, the Forward)

Mark Goldberg (founder, United Israel Foundation)

Neil B. Goldstein (executive director, American Jewish Congress)

Richard Gordon (president, American Jewish Congress)

Sally Gottesman (president and founder, Eleemoysnary Group)

Steve Gutow (executive director, Jewish Council for Public Affairs)

Ronald Heifetz (professor of public leadership, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University)

Roger Hertog (vice chairman, Alliance Capital Management and Sanford C. Bernstein)

Malcolm Hoenlein (executive vice-president, Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organization)

Steve Hoffman (President and CEO, Federation of Cleveland)

Howard Kohr (executive director, AIPAC)

Morlie Levin (national executive director, Hadassah)

Glen Lewy (national chairman, the Anti-Defamation League)

David Makovsky (The Washington Institute for Near East Policy)

Dan Mariaschin (executive vice president,B’nai Brith International)

Steve Nasatir (president, Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago)

Steve Popper (professor, RAND)

Reinharz Jehuda (president, Brandeis University)

Jonathan Rosen (general editor, Nextbook)

Dennis Ross (chairman, Jewish People Policy Planning Institute; counselor and Ziegler Distinguished Fellow, Washington Institute for Near East Policy)

Shalom Saar (Kennedy School of Government,Center for Public Leadership,Harvard University)

Lynn Schusterman (chair, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation)

Barry Shrage (president, Combined Jewish PhilanthropiesBoston)

Carole Solomon (immediate past chair, board of governors of the Jewish Agency for Israel)

Suzanne Stone (professor of law, Cardozo School of Law and Director )

Harold Tanner (past chair, Conference of Presidents)

Mort Zuckerman (past chair, Conference of Presidents)


From Canada:

Irwin Cotler (House of Commons, former justice minister)

Hershell Ezrin (CEO, Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy)

Shimon Fogel (CEO, CIC)


From Europe:

Pierre Besnainou (outgoing president of the European Jewish Congress)

Ruth Deech (Baroness, United Kingdom)

Frederic Encel (senior lecturer of geopolitics at ENA, France National school of Public Administration)

Lord Young of Graffham (United Kingdom)

Nicole Guedj (former minister representing the French President for the Humanitarian Action, France’s Secretary of States of Victims Rights; vice president, the Paris Consistory)

Raphael Haddad (general secretary, UEJF)

Chaim Musicant (director general, CRIF)

Jeremy Newmark (executive director, Jewish Leadership Council United Kingdom)

Uriel Rosenthal (professor of government, Leiden University, Netherlands)

Rene Shmuel Sirat (former chief rabbi, France)

Shmuel Trigano (professor of sociology, University of Paris X-Nanterre)

From the Former Soviet Union
Oleg Budnitskii (professor of history, academic director, International Center for Russian and East European Jewish Studies, Moscow)

Mikhail Chlenov (Head of the Russian Vaad; secretary general, Euro-Asain Jewish Congress)

From Latin America:
Bernardo Kliksberg (chief adviser, United Nations Development Program for Latin America and the Caribbean)

Daniel Liwerant (co-chairman, Immigration and Absorption Committee of the Jewish Agency)

Judit Liwerant ( Head of the Graduate School of Social and Political Science of National University of Mexico)

From Australia:
Jeremy Jones (director of international & community affairs, Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council)


From Israel:

Aharon Abramovitch (director general, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Yaacov Amidror (vice president, Lander InstituteAcademic Center, Jerusalem)

Uzi Arad (professor, Inter-Disciplinary College)

Daniel Ayalon (former ambassador to the United States, co-chair, Nefesh B’Nefesh)

Yaakov Bar Simantov (professor, Hebrew University)

Aluf Benn (columnist, Ha’aretz)

Eliezer Ben-Rafael (Weinberg Professor of Political Sociology, Tel Aviv University)

Moshe Ben-Atar (director, Zionist Council in Israel)

Gabriella Blum (assistant professor, Harvard Law School)

Meir Buzaglo (The Institute of Arts and Letters; Faculty of Humanities, Hebrew University)

Ruth Calderon

Ruth Calderon (founder and director, Alma Home for Hebrew Culture Tel Aviv-Haifa-New York)

Rivka Carmi (president, Ben-Guiron University)

Yuval Cherlow (head of Zevulun Hammer Yeshivat Hahesder in Petach Tikva)

Uzi Dayan (TAFNIT)

Isaac Devash (business and social entrepreneur)

Efrat Duvdevani (director general, Ministry for the Development of the Negev and Galilee)

Oded Eran (representative in Israel, World Jewish Congress)

Sami Friedrich (CEO, Shaldor)

Ruth Gavison (professor of human rights at the Hebrew University)

Helena Glazer (president, World WIZO)

Yosef Gorni (professor emeritus of Jewish History and director of the Institute of Jewish Press and Communication, Tel-Aviv University)

Daniel Grossman (Israel drector, American Jewish Congress)

Jack Habib (director, Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute)

Israel Harel (chairman, The Institute for Zionist Strategies)

Alan Hoffmann (director of the education department, Jewish Agency)

David Horvitz (editor in chief, The Jerusalem Post)

Avraham Infeld (president, Chais Family Foundation)

Benjamin Ish-Shalom (rector, Beit Morasha)

David Landau (editor in chief, Ha’aretz)

Eran Lerman (representative in Israel, American Jewish Committee)

Shalom Lipner (special coordinator for public diplomacy, Prime Minister’s Office)

Israel Maimon (government secretary)

Herzel Makov (director general, Begin Center)

Dan Meridor (former minister of finance and former minister of justice)

Sallai Meridor (Israel Ambassador to the United States)

Shlomo Molla (department head for Zionist Activities In Israel, WZO)

Isaac Molho (managing partner, E.S. Shimron, I. Molho, Persky & Co. Law Offices; former prime minister’s envoy to Chairman Arafat; chief Israeli negotiator at the Wye Plantation talks; chairman, Israel Museum)

Yaakov Neeman (founding partner, Herzog, Fox and Neeman Law Office; former justice minister of Justice and former finance minister)

Leonid Nevzlin (chairman, NADAV Foundation; chairman, International Board of Governors of Beth Hatefutso)

Avi Pazner (chairman of the executive, Keren Hayessod)

Haviva Pedaya (professor, Ben-Gurion University)

Sever Plotzker (economics editor, Yediot Aharonot)

Itamar Rabinovich (president, Tel Aviv University; former ambassador to the U.S.)

Avner Shalev (chairman, Yad Vashem)

Natan Sharansky (chairman, Institute for Strategic Studies, Shalem Center)

Asaf “Asi” Shariv (incoming consul generalin New York)

Josh Schwarcz (secretary general, Jewish Agency)

Bambi Sheleg (editor-in-chief, Eeretz Acheret)

Saul Singer (opinion page editor, The Jerusalem Post)

Arnon Sofer (chair of Geo-Strategy Department, Haifa University)

Shimshon Shoshani (International CEO, Taglit-birthright Israel)

Zalman Shoval (former ambassador to the United States)

Moshe Vigdor (director general, Jewish Agency)

Ariel Weiss (director, Yad Hanadiv)

Moshe Ya’alon (retired major general; fellow, Shalem Center)

Aharon Yadlin (former education minister)

Ben Dror Yemini (opinion page editor, Ma’ariv)



Yehezkel Dror (founding president)

Avinoam Bar-Yosef (director general)

Sergio DellaPergola (senior fellow)

Avi Gil (senior fellow)

Emmanuel Sivan (senior fellow)

Shalom Wald (senior fellow)

Chaim Waxman (senior fellow)

Ruth Yaron (senior fellow)

Simon Earlanger (fellow)

Dov Maimon (fellow)

Yehuda Mirsky (fellow)

Israel Pupko (fellow)

Einat Wilf (fellow)

Yogev Karasenty (associate fellow)

Ita Alcalay (projects coordinator)