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The News Shticker

  • boingboing issues challenge to Iran: “You suck at Photoshop.” Readers respond with their own Photoshoppery. Hilarity ensues.
  • A haredi man who, in 2006, killed his three month old by throwing him against a wall, and whose arrest sparked riots in Mea Shearim and drew accusations that “the Zionists” were “blood libeling” the ultra-Orthodox community, was found guilty of manslaughter.
  • The Wall Street Journal’s law blog looks at a recent Chicago court ruling which states that condominium associations that bar Jewish tenants from hanging mezuzahs on their doorposts are engaged in religious discrimination.
  • A guest blogger at Feministe ponders the ethnic component of her Jewish identity, revisiting the age-old question, should Ahskenazim be considered white?
  • An Australian rabbi contends that kosher eating makes you fat.
  • Check out Noiz in Zion, the relatively new Israeli music blog that focuses on the Jewish state’s urban music scene, for new tracks from some of Israel’s up-and-coming hip-hop artists.
  • Jewish continuity advocates take heed: An Oklahoma church has come up with a new way to get unaffiliated youth religiously engaged. Or not.
  • British graffiti artist Banksy, best known to Jews and Israelis for his profound if unsettling work upon Israel’s West Bank security barrier, has been unmasked after several years of operating in full anonymity.