Sex sells Israel part II: The ‘come to Israel’ condom
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Sex sells Israel part II: The ‘come to Israel’ condom

We noted last week that the Jewish Agency was trying to promote one of its programs last week with a series of racy ads.

We noted last winter that Israel’s Ministry of Tourism was using sex to sell Israel as a destination spot.

And we joked a few months ago that Birthright NEXT, which was giving out flasks to promote itself, should perhaps consider distributing branded condoms as well.

Someone is paying attention to the Fundermentalist, because we now present to you the official “Come and visit Tel Aviv” condom, brought to you once again by Israel’s Tourism Ministry.

No. I did not make up that slogan. It is the official catchphrase for condoms that Israel gave out at a fund-raising event in London last week, according to UPI.

My favorite passage from the story:

The condoms were packed in a box used by a reputable Dead Sea cosmetics firm, used to market cosmetics, the Web site said, quoting one of the agents. "Some thought they were beauty supplies and brought them home to their wives. They were appalled when they opened the package," another official said.

On its part, Israel’s Ministry of Tourism issued an apology saying it will investigate the incident. "This was an initiative contrary to our policy," the statement said.

On second thought. Maybe we don’t want any credit for this at all.