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Recession forces cuts to Holocaust education

NEW YORK (JTA) — Several U.S. states are cutting funding for Holocaust education programs due to cutbacks.

Among the expected cuts, reported by USA Today, are Tennessee’s allocation of $128,300 for the state’s Commission on Holocaust Education; the executive director of the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education, Paul Winkler, said he expects the state to cut 20 percent of his annual $250,000 budget; Stephanie Hartman of Nevada’s Holocaust Education Task Force said she believes her state’s Governor’s Advisory Council on Education Relating to the Holocaust is slated to decline $70,000 a year for the next two years; and Pennsylvania Holocaust Education Council vice chairman Christopher Gwin said his council does not expect to receive its usual $60,000 budget from state coffers this year.

"We are kind of on notice that we are either going to have to re-establish ourselves with the state or be looking for our funding elsewhere," the Tennessee Commission’s chairwoman, Felicia Anchor, told USA Today.