Jordan releases haredi man’s body without autopsy
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Jordan releases haredi man’s body without autopsy

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The body of a haredi businessman from London who died in Jordan was delivered to Israel for burial.

The man collapsed and died Nov. 10 while on a business trip to Amman. 

Though Jordanian law requires an autopsy when there is an unexplained death, volunteers from the Israeli rescue and response organization Zaka entered Jordan on Nov. 12 and interceded on behalf of the unidentified man’s family to delay the autopsy. An autopsy is not permitted under Jewish law.

Through a number of interpreters and meetings with high-level Jordanian officials, and with the help of the Israeli consul in Amman, Dani Sivan, a waiver of the autopsy was granted and the body was released to Zaka volunteers.

Once permits to take the body out of Jordan were issued, the body was taken to Israel for burial.

The man’s family asked that he not be named. He reportedly is in his early 70s and of Sephardi origin.