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Hitler’s Fish Knife

It’s been a month since the theft of the famous sign at the entrance to Auschwitz and the BBC has taken a look at the trade in historic Nazi artifacts. Seeking to understand the appeal of such relics, the BBC’s Claire Bolderson makes a move that one can’t help but feel is going to taint the enterprise even more (assuming that’s possible). She visits a prolific trafficker in Nazi memorabilia better known for his controversial (and in some countries, illegal) views on the era: David Irving. 

Visited at his home outside London, Irving talks about owning several tufts of Hitler’s hair, which he has inexplicably mislaid, as well as Hitler’s walking stick, which Irving says "radiated a certain kind of je ne sais quoi." Does it compromise my journalistic impartiality to observe that that’s just a little bit weird? You be the judge.