Sarah Silverman’s Cheesy Idea for Mideast Peace
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Sarah Silverman’s Cheesy Idea for Mideast Peace

Sarah Silverman at

Secular celebrity stalkers at TMZ asked Sarah Silverman — who was returning from her first trip to Israel — about her take on peace in the Middle East.  Then they put together this fancy video about it.

I don’t know what I was surprised about more: that this was only her first trip to Israel (don’t Jews get to go there for free whenever they want?), or that she came up with such a totally uninteresting answer.  I mean, come on girlfriend! Didn’t you know you’d be asked that question the first time someone back home stuck a mic in your face?

The former Mrs. Jimmy Kimmel (call me!) was in Israel with Lebanese-South American singer Shakira and Jimmy Wales — whoever that is.  Instead of the peace suggestion she makes in the video, she should have had a pay-per-view mudwrestling match with Shakira to raise money to pay everyone there to calm down.

Men will pay major coin to see mud-wresting. Trust me, I know.

Click here for the video. Oh, and TMZ? I’m sorry if Arianna Huffington isn’t paying you well enough from her AOL coffers, but get your embed code workin’ y’all!