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Kredo, so I don’t have to

Mondays and Tuesdays aren’t great for me, blogging wise, it being deadline day in Jewish media land.

Amd that’s why we love Adam Kredo of the Washington Jewish Week, for rounding up the latest on Rachel Abrams’ screed against Palestinian terrorists and their kin; the demand from J Street, which sees the screed as attacking all Palestinians, that the Emergency Committee for Israel oust her from its board; ECI’s blast back; and ECI’s refusal to sign the ADL-AJC comity pledge.

For the record, I think Adam is  right. I had to read Abrams’, umm, lengthy sentence eight or nine times before I understood it, but, yes, she’s referring to terrorists and their mothers, and not the entire Palestinian people.  

Here’s the whole morose thing:

Then round up his captors, the slaughtering, death-worshiping, innocent-butchering, child-sacrificing savages who dip their hands in blood and use women—those who aren’t strapping bombs to their own devils’ spawn and sending them out to meet their seventy-two virgins by taking the lives of the school-bus-riding, heart-drawing, Transformer-doodling, homework-losing children of Others—and their offspring—those who haven’t already been pimped out by their mothers to the murder god—as shields, hiding behind their burkas and cradles like the unmanned animals they are, and throw them not into your prisons, where they can bide until they’re traded by the thousands for another child of Israel, but into the sea, to float there, food for sharks, stargazers, and whatever other oceanic carnivores God has put there for the purpose.

Maybe, I thought, the sixth time, I should snap my fingers and imagine 1956 Greenwich Village, basement, caffeinated, smoke-filled.

Maybe, the seventh time, I should drink some espresso.

Maybe, the eight time, I should imagine inhaling some of those fumes…

That worked!

UPDATE: I had to read it a 10th time. (This is gonna be a looong election season.) A reader points out that "Round up his captors … and their offspring" implicates innocents (children) in the sharkfeed fate Abrams imagines.

That’s, uh, kinda out there, it must be said. But J Street in its statement still goes too far in generalizing her references to terrorists, their mothers and (now I realize) their children as signifying all Palestinians.