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James Franco takes time out of his busy schedule to make this great PSA.

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James Franco, the renaissance man of our generation, has two movies out right now.

One of them, “Oz the Great and the Powerful” is the biggest movie in the world, though it has been critically panned. The other, “Spring Breakers,” is an indie darling that pushes the limits on teenage sexuality and violence. Yet, despite his busy schedule, Franco found time during his stint at the SXSW festival to make a public service announcement for the beloved movie theater, The Alamo. Never afraid to make fun of himself, Francos plays his stoner persona from “Pineapple Express” as he describes the annoyance of people using phones during a movie. To top it off, Franco shifts into Spiderman mode, warning people that phones kill his father, the Green Goblin.

We hope this is just one of the first PSA’s.

DON’T TALK – JAMES FRANCO from Alamo Drafthouse on Vimeo.