Greeting Obama Part 2: The Yesha rollout
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Greeting Obama Part 2: The Yesha rollout

Much has been written about why the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv did not invite university students from Ariel to President Obama’s speech tomorrow.

Never mind all that: The Council of Settlers has a splashy brochure Obama can peruse during his downtime. (It’s PDF, and big.) "Judea and Samaria: It’s Jewish, It’s Vital, It’s Realistic."

I’ll leave its arguments and aesthetics for others to pick through (A photoshopped dessicated fashion model to make the point about water rights? Bringing up water rights, even?).

But I will advise this: When citing former U.S. officials to bolster one’s claims, I’m not sure Douglas Feith is the wisest choice, particularly on the tenth anniversary of a war Feith helped shape — and which then helped propel Obama to power because he could honestly make the case he was against it in real time.

The subtler, more persuasive route may be the Orthodox Union’s Nathan Diament’s contribution to the Washington Post’s On Faith blog today, where he ties in Obama’s scheduled stops some of the claims Yesha stakes out.